One year after the Alvia 04155 tragedy in Angrois, the personal experiences and the questions about why the train derailed that 24th of July are still in the minds of those who get to live that.

Victims, relatives, E. D. profesionals and anonymous people that collaborated in the rescue are the only voice in this testimonials documental.They try to overcome that date, remembering their families, while they charge the institutions of making as much as they can to leave Angrois into oblivion without clarify the truth.


Galician, Spanish

Technical profile

  • Script and Filmmaking: Emilio Carral and Susana S. Recouso
  • Image: Marcos Budiño and Fran Piñeiro
  • Música: Kevin MacLeod
  • Production: Colectivo audiovisual Lentes Diverxentes